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Finansal Bütçe ve Raporlama Süreç Yönetimi

Budget & Reporting Processes

Our expert teams determine your strategy according to the needs of your business in a way that you will get maximum benefit with the most appropriate budgets and offer you the necessary solutions to put them into action.

Financial and Operational Budget
With the management reporting software that we will build on Microsoft Power BI, instantly fed from your existing ERP data;
  • Let’s prepare your financial and operational budget models in the desired unlimited sub-details (person, region, branch, profit, salesperson).
  • Let us model the interface, reports and dashboards for you, where you can easily follow the budget and budget realizations instantly.
  • Let us provide you instant access to the figures and future forecasts at every moment of the budget period.
  • Let performance card-based Dashboards be instantly accessible by the target distributor and the target distributor.
Currency Risk and Interest Risk
  • Let’s implement our model that instantly displays your foreign currency position on and off the balance sheet using your existing ERP software.
  • Let’s report and monitor the exchange rate risk that you will be exposed to with alternative scenarios and the interest rate risk that may occur due to variable interest or maturity differences on your debts and receivables with alternative scenarios.
  • Let’s create and utilize hedging strategies to protect against volatility and market risk.
Ongun Strategy provides financial technology and strategic financial consultancy services to large, medium and small-sized Turkish and Global companies.
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