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Financial Software Consulting

ERP analysis and selection, regulatory compliance and localization; alternative digital tools are vital for operational efficiency and compliance.

Is your non-localized ERP preventing you from meeting your legal obligations?
Wouldn’t it be nice to direct your resources to your goals, such as sales and profitability, instead of operational processes?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the accounting, reporting and operation-intensive processes were made by computers that do not get tired and do not ask for permission?

Let us analyse your current ERP system for you and help you to increase performance.


If you are using a single ERP for different countries in your organization and trying to ensure tax compliance through shared service centers;
We have many tools that understand you and will solve the tax compliance problems you may encounter in Turkey, especially electronic obligations. For this, you only need to enter the data in your own ERP.


Ongun Strategy provides financial technology and strategic financial consultancy services to large, medium and small-sized Turkish and Global companies.
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