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Strategic Planning and Financial Digital Transformation

Our experts determine your strategy according to the needs of your business in a way that you will get maximum benefit with the most appropriate budgets and offer you the necessary solutions to put them into action.


Analysis Process

Strategy Determination



Where are we?
Let’s analyze your current situation and evaluate it together.

Where should we go?
Let’s set our goals in line with the mission and vision-based principles and create goals and strategic goals together.

What shall we do?
Let’s answer and structure the questions of which resources and how to use them, including digital transformation and development.

How do we measure and evaluate?
As we move forward to the foreseen future, let’s monitor where you are in our strategic goals and objectives and revise the “Strategic Plan” in parallel with the changes. With our motto that it will not be possible to manage without measuring, we will monitor continuously, instantly and accurately with the digital infrastructure we create.


Ongun Strategy provides financial technology and strategic financial consultancy services to large, medium and small-sized Turkish and Global companies.
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